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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Parking Lot Stripes in Winter

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Parking Lot Stripes in Winter

It’s that time of year again. Winter is coming, and with it comes harsh weather. Luckily for you, you can always retreat inside when it gets too dicey outside. But what about your poor parking lot? It has no place to hide away to stay protected. Don’t worry. Precise Property Maintenance is here to help. Read on to discover three tips for maintaining your parking lot stripes in the winter.

Preventative Measures

When was the last time your parking lot was seal coated? If you can’t recall, it’s been too long. Remember, preventative medicine is the best medicine. Waiting until the last minute to re-seal your parking lot helps no one. Survey the area and check out the damage.

If things aren’t looking so good, consider having some professionals come in—cough, cough, i.e., us—and apply a seal coat to the lot before it gets too cold, and the snow starts to kick up. The seal will fill minor cracks and act as a cover for the striping you already have in place.

Keep the Lot Clear

Snow will not move unless you move it. If it snowed the night before, your first job when you get in the next day is to clear your lot. The snow may be pretty, but not when it’s covering up all your spots in the lot and making life difficult for your patrons.

Keep the snow clear before, after, and sometimes throughout the day. Snow is only frozen water and can do a lot of damage, such as fade stripes, cause accidents, and create cracks in the foundation. Use an automatic snow remover machine versus a standard shovel to make the job easier.

De-ice the Lot

Ice is a wicked beast for multiple reasons, especially when it comes to your parking lot stripes. For example, an accident could occur if you don’t remove it. And with that comes damage to the lot and expensive work needing to be done.

Use as much salt as you can to keep everyone safe, and consider using additional de-icing chemicals for extra protection. If you got your parking lot painting done in Plano, TX, we want to ensure the lot always looks brand new.

We’re all about property maintenance here, hence the name. We can give you more tips for maintaining your parking lot stripes all throughout the year and not just in the winter. For more information, visit our website.