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4 Reasons To Replace Your Gravel Parking Lot

4 Reasons To Replace Your Gravel Parking Lot

Gravel parking lots are the least appealing type of lot to many customers. A well-paved lot will provide your business with plenty of benefits, including aesthetics. Below, you’ll discover the top four reasons it’s time to replace your gravel parking lot.

Better for Vehicles

Tires can spin up rocks and small pebbles to scratch and damage customers’ vehicles. Gravel parking lots, like roads, also stir up dust and dirt, creating messes on your business, signs, and landscaping. Nobody wants to deal with extra cleanup that you could eliminate by paving your parking lot.

Snow and Ice Removal

Wintertime can be a hassle already. Gravel parking lots make ice and snow removal more challenging for yourself, employees, or the hired snow removal team. There’s no way to avoid scooping up gravel while removing snow from the parking lot, but this process creates divots and holes. A paved parking lot makes ice and snow removal quick and easy. You won’t need to worry about filling in the ruts.

Paved Is Aesthetically Pleasing

A paved parking lot is more appealing to the eyes than a gravel one. The small rocks and pebbles can shift and move around, causing your parking lot to look dirty. The stones don’t stay on the parking lot; instead, they transfer to your grassy areas, landscaping, and sidewalks. Customers, employees, or residents can trip and fall over hazardous larger rocks in the walkways.

You aren’t able to paint gravel parking lots. Painted paved lots control the flow of traffic and ensure vehicles are parking where they should be. It avoids parked cars leaving too much space or not enough space between them. Contact Paragon Protection for parking lot painting in Plano, Texas. They’ll ensure your parking lot is professionally painted in the best way possible.

Easier Maintenance

Do you want easier maintenance for your parking lot? Paving your gravel parking lot will make your maintenance life that much easier. If you take care of your paved parking lot, it can last you up to 35 years. You’ll still have to sweep away dirt and debris still, but you won’t need to worry about the shifting gravel creating divots and holes.

Replacing your gravel parking lot means fewer headaches for you and an easier-to-maintain lot. Your life will be a touch more manageable if you do.