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5 Reasons Why Your Parking Lot Needs Lines

5 Reasons Why Your Parking Lot Needs Lines

Picture this: two parking lots directly adjacent to each other. One has striping, and the other doesn’t. Which lot has more cars occupying the space? Yep, it’s the one with stripes. And if occupancy isn’t enough to convince you to stripe your property, here are five reasons why your parking lot needs lines.

Prevents Accidents

Parking lots are not roads. The area technically should be safer to navigate. But accidents can still happen, and finding ways to prevent them should be at the top of your priority list. It’s certainly at ours. Adding lines to your lot helps prevent accidents.

Line striping creates a safe environment for employees and visitors. Pedestrians can locate walking paths, and drivers can move safely around them. Create standing or loading zones so everyone knows where to navigate safely.

Protects Your Business

If worse comes to worst, and an accident does happen on the premises, you don’t want to be held liable for any damages. Having a lot without the proper striping could easily make the problem fall on your shoulders.

Patrons could say the lot was disorganized and congested and violated fire codes. Any one of these issues would be detrimental to your business. Eliminate this from being a possibility. Cover all your bases so drivers know what’s a loading zone, what’s a handicap spot, and what’s a pathway. In addition, limit the number of cars and prevent people from making their own parking spaces.

Improves Traffic Flow

The lines in a parking lot don’t stop at the spaces or the loading zones. Drivers also need to know what direction they should drive in. This is especially true for smaller lots. Improve the traffic flow and prevent as many jams as possible.

Add arrows so drivers know which areas are for exiting and which are for entering. This helps prevent collisions. Mark off the fire lanes so patrons don’t try to make spaces for themselves. Vehicles in violation could be subject to tow.

Complies With ADA Regulations

Did you know line striping is an ADA requirement? Now you do. Failure to adhere to ADA regulations can get costly. Parking lots need to have clearly assigned spots for people with disabilities.

If a person with a disability acquires an injury while in your unstriped lot, you will be held legally responsible. Indicating accessible spaces saves you from legal charges and prevents accidents.

Provides Curb Appeal

Aside from all the safety benefits, a striped parking lot simply looks better. You want people to visit your business and be impressed by the outside. A disorganized lot could reflect poorly on your establishment.

Make sure you get some professional parking lot striping here at Precise Property Maintenance. We know how to get the job done and keep your lot looking pristine. Now you know the reasons why your parking lot needs lines, and we have the tools to get it done. For more information, visit our website.