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5 Signs Your Parking Lot Should Be Redone

5 Signs Your Parking Lot Should Be Redone

When it comes to owning commercial property, you need to care for more than just the building. The parking lot deserves your attention, too. It gets just as much activity, and maybe even more, because of the cars frequenting the lot. Over time, it will endure some wear and tear. Here are five signs your parking lot should be redone.

Obvious Cracks

Several cracks in the foundation are a clear sign that your lot needs to be redone. Cracks occur over time due to age and overexposure to the elements. If you let the cracks fester in the lot without treating them, they can create bigger problems.

Over time, they will lengthen and stretch across the lot resulting in bumps and uneven ground. Too many cracks can affect the quality of the parking lot, and eventually, people won’t want to frequent the establishment because of the lot’s condition.

Faded Lines

Lines will fade from sun exposure. You may not think this is a big deal, but it is. Extensive sun exposure can lead to further issues in the foundation. Watch for these signs because they can be very telling for further issues.

Faded lines make it difficult for drivers to park and navigate the lot. They need clear directions while driving because it reduces the chance of accidents. Designated lines also make the lot more structured and uniform, which is essential for safe driving. Our parking lot striping experts in Plano, Texas can get you situated.


Potholes annoy just about everyone. The sound of your car hitting one unexpectantly is extremely frustrating and concerning because you never know how much damage a pothole does to your tires at the time.

Aside from the damage to cars, potholes are a bad look for your lot. Water from heavy rains can accumulate in the holes and potentially make them bigger. Whether big or small, potholes are a nuisance, and you need to have them filled immediately.

Sun Damage

Over time, your lot will change colors. If you never see a crack or a pothole in your lot, this does not mean it doesn’t require maintenance. Look out for faded colors because they’re a clear sign of other problems.

If the color was once a smooth and seamless black but has now turned into a mudded gray, you need to look into pavement services. A simple repaving will restore the color at a decent price.

Warping and Divots

When the parking lot starts to take a new shape, pick up the phone and call us at Precise Property Maintenance. If you’ve noticed dips and divots in the lot that weren’t there originally, you’ll need to look into your maintenance options.

The elements have a way of distorting structures if properly motivated. You can’t stop the weather, but you can control repaving your lot.

Any one of these five signs are a clear indication that your parking lot should be redone. Don’t wait too long! For more information, visit our website.