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A Comprehensive Checklist for Parking Lot Maintenance

A Comprehensive Checklist for Parking Lot Maintenance

As a business owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a clean parking lot. Do you find yourself overwhelmed keeping up with all the tasks? Are you looking for a way to stay organized with the maintenance? Not to worry, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist to help you stay on track with your parking lot maintenance.

For the Summer

Summer brings excellent weather, and is the perfect time to tackle significant maintenance projects. You’re able to spend more time outside caring for these issues. So, take time to weed, sweep, and check for cracks throughout the summer to keep debris at bay and prevent nature from taking over throughout the summer.

Resealing your parking lot every three to four years will help prevent the natural oxidation process of asphalt, and you’ll find your parking lot lasts longer. After resealing your lot, hire a company that provides professional parking lot striping services. Precise Property Maintenance will leave your parking lot better than we found it.

For the Fall

Fall is all about prepping for winter. Use this time to take care of all those projects you’ve been avoiding before winter hits. Sweep up all the fallen leaves and litter your lot. An employee or guest may slip on the leaves if you avoid removing them.

Consider hiring a company to come out and thoroughly clean the lot. You’ll want all debris removed to avoid any clogged drains in the winter.

For the Winter

We all know that winter can be a treacherous time with snow and ice, and accumulation can quickly create hazardous walking conditions for consumers and employees. If you’re not correctly taking care of your parking lot, these elements will wreak havoc.

Use a liquid anti-icing agent before the first snowfall to help prevent ice or snow buildup. This agent will also prevent these elements from bonding to your parking lot. Remove the snow as quickly as possible after a snowfall, and then apply deicers, salt, or sand. Try to use products that don’t contain chloride.

For the Spring

Springtime brings am increase in temperatures, melted snow, and outside time without breaking too much of a sweat. Use this time to check the drainage system for clogs, investigate for cracks, and routinely sweep your parking lot. Debris from winter can pose risks to your lot, so immediately seal any gaps you find.

Take time each week to walk around your parking lot in search of weeds. Remove any that you find to keep a neat and tidy lot.

Parking lot maintenance is essential to keep your customers and employees safe and maintain a good reputation among consumers. Follow our checklist to ensure you stay on top of your parking lot maintenance all year.