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The Different Colors of Line Striping Paint

Colors hold a lot of meaning. The same is true for the different colors of line striping paint. Depending on where and what is be striped, very specific colors must be used to meet standards and regulations.

White Paint

White is often the most common color of road and parking lot striping, since it’s easy to see against almost all drivable surfaces. Typically, road striping companies focus on white or yellow.

Here at Precise Property Maintenance, we often recommend white paint. Parking lot line striping paint in Fort Worth and other areas of Texas poses the unique challenge of experiencing a significant amount of intense sunlight. Sunlight bleaches anything pale given enough time, and striping is no exception. White, on the other hand, always stays white, which helps maintain a clean, fresh look.

Yellow Paint

As mentioned, yellow line striping paint is also very popular. This color can be commonly seen around the nation on roads and parking lots. Yellow invokes a sense of hazard; it calls attention to itself. It’s an intense color that’s simply easy to spot night or day. Plus, using reflective paint in yellow is highly effective and useful in areas with little lighting after dark.

Blue Paint

This color is intended to flag an area as reserved. Most often, this is for handicapped individuals and marking medical parking. Occasionally, blue paint is used solely to accent work areas and differentiate from the usual yellow or white. Primarily, though, handicap parking and symbols are made easy to identify with the use of blue.

Red Paint

Red paint is very important, especially for the owners of parking lots. Most users probably never notice the red sections as it’s not usually part of the general parking section. Instead, red line striping paint is used to flag emergency procedures. Most notable are fire lines which by law must be kept up to standard.

Quick turnaround with fire lanes is our specialty. We get the need to work around business hours and are more than happy to adjust to your schedule. Precise Property Management has a long history of excellent striping and a lot of maintenance work. We carry all the essential different colors of line striping paint, most often in our fast-drying and convenient type of paint.