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Everything You Should Know About Pressure Washing

Everything You Should Know About Pressure Washing

Nothing stays pristine and clean forever. Every exterior surface of a structure needs a deep cleaning, and a simple scrubbing brush with soap won’t get the job done. Cleaning an entire building by hand isn’t ideal. You need something more powerful and efficient. Make things easier for yourself, and use a pressure washer. First, learn everything you should know about them.

Areas To Pressure Wash

Some surfaces can withstand the power of a pressure washer, and others can’t. Use a pressure washer on small patios, decks, driveways, titled areas, siding, masonry, concrete, and brick. Even though these surfaces are sturdy, there’s still a possibility of damaging them.

Handle the washer with care. The detachable color-coded nozzles represent the level of pressure coming from the hose. Familiarize yourself with the colors before choosing a nozzle.

  • Red: zero-degree; most powerful
  • Yellow: 15-degree; wide spray pattern
  • Green: 25-degree; less concentrated
  • White: 40-degree; intended for delicate items
  • Black: 65-degree; widest, most gentle stream

Consider the area you need to clean, and alternate between nozzles whenever necessary.

Special Detergents

Don’t make the mistake of thinking any cleaning detergent will work for a pressure washer. The wrong detergent could damage the washer. If you own a commercial property, you should never attempt to pressure wash it with household cleaning products. Understand the difference between cleaners so you don’t destroy the machine. Use detergents made for pressure washing.

Weather Restrictions

What time of year do you plan to pressure wash your property? Pressure washing is common during the fall or spring. Winter is a no-go for several different reasons. The water may freeze and expand, potentially damaging the nozzle and machinery. Never use a pressure washer in below-freezing temperatures. If you’re pressuring washing on a hot day, be sure to take breaks and hydrate.

Commercial Pressure Washer

Commercial pressure washers and residential pressure washers are technically interchangeable. However, covering commercial property grounds is a job suited for a professional. At Precise Property Maintenance, we handle it all. We provide parking lot maintenance services that range from striping the lot to cleaning it. We have the necessary training to tackle your most difficult areas.

Now that you know more about pressure washing, you can confidently clean your commercial property! For more information, visit our website.