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How Businesses Can Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

How Businesses Can Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

No one wants to experience or deal with a car accident. It’s stressful and chaotic for the drivers involved, and it causes a big mess for the location where the accident happened. Owners of commercial property have the responsibility of keeping everyone safe who frequents and travels through the premises, and that includes the parking lot. Start by learning how businesses can prevent parking lot accidents.

Repair Potholes

Potholes are the bane of all cars’ existence. Due to the damage that they can do, drivers hate when they stumble across them unexpectedly. The wear and tear these holes cause to tires is very dangerous. Make things easier for everyone and get rid of the problem.

Over time, harsh weather and rough rains will cause the parking lots to warp and deteriorate. Don’t let the lot get full of too many potholes. One or two is too many. Call professionals to come and repair these holes, give the parking lot a makeover, and protect all cars and drivers.

Supply Some Direction

Have you ever stumbled across one of those lots that look like a jumbled mess? None of the cars know which direction they should travel in, and before anyone knows it, there’s a traffic jam in a parking lot. Accidents can happen this way too.

Cars go in the wrong direction, and they cause a collision. Help all drivers that enter the lot out with arrows. At every opening, have an arrow painted in the correct direction so that cars know if this is an entryway or an exit. From the outside looking in, the cars’ movements will then appear like a well-choreographed dance.

Designate Specific Areas

And while crafting arrows, use the same paint to draw out designated parking spaces. There needs to be a section for people with disabilities, and the space between cars needs to be adequate. Don’t make anything cramped or overcrowded. You want everything to be ADA compliant.

Likewise, be sure to follow the parking lot fire lane requirements. There needs to be a section reserved for the truck to enter the lot and handle any emergencies that may take place on the premises. There’s a fire code regarding fire and rescue safety regulations. And your business needs to follow it by the book.

Install Speed Bumps

Get them to slow down! Parking lots aren’t streets, and they certainly aren’t the highway. But not all drivers are cautious. Some of them speed through parking lots, and the best way to slow them down is with speed bumps.

If you have a substantial parking lot, speed bumps are a good idea. Smaller lots may not need them because the enclosed space makes it difficult to speed through. However, if you’ve noticed travel speed becoming an issue, find a provider to install speed bumps.

At Precise Property Maintenance, we’re all about helping businesses prevent accidents in their parking lots. For more information, visit our website.