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Parking Lot Striping in Wylie, Texas

The parking lot is guests’ first point of contact with your property. A tidy, clearly marked parking lot attests to the professionalism and care you put into your operation. That’s why Precise Property Maintenance offers outstanding parking lot striping in Wylie, Texas. We’re here to ensure that your parking lot makes a positive first impression and reflects your commitment to safety and excellence.


Our team begins each project with detailed preparation, which is key to ensuring a long-lasting and durable striping job. We pressure-wash existing parking lot stripes to remove old paint, dirt, and grime, creating a clean slate for the new paint application.

Utilizing solvent-borne acrylic paint, we guarantee a finish with brilliant color, a glossy sheen, and an impressively quick dry time. This meticulous attention to detail ensures minimal downtime for your parking lot, allowing you to resume normal operations swiftly.

Our thoroughly trained crew can paint fire lane stripes and work within ADA guidelines to ensure your parking lot meets all legal requirements. This enhances visitor safety and helps you avoid legal issues associated with noncompliance.

Benefits of Choosing Precise Property Maintenance

Professional Curb Appeal:

Boost the attractiveness of your property, inviting more customers and tenants.

Compliance Assurance:

Stay in line with local fire lane regulations and ADA guidelines.

Increased Safety:

We mark parking spaces, crosswalks, and directional indicators for better navigation and safety.

High-Quality, Quick-Drying Paint:

Experience minimal operational downtime with our quick-dry solutions.

Fast Turnaround Time:

With an average completion time of 48 hours, we offer one of the fastest services in the business.

Precise Property Maintenance provides speedy, efficient, high-quality parking lot striping services. We operate seven days a week and work closely with our clients to find the most suitable time to paint the lot, ensuring minimum disruption to daily operations.

Contact us if you want to enhance your parking lot’s overall appeal and safety while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Precise Property Maintenance is your go-to solution for parking lot striping in Wylie, Texas. Don’t wait to make a lasting impression on your guests—reach out to our team today!