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Parking Lot Striping in DFW

If you need professional parking lot striping in Dallas–Fort Worth, Precise Property Maintenance is fully equipped to get the job done, no matter how big or small. We work with all sorts of businesses across the city to help ensure their parking lot stripes are clear and compliant with fire codes and ADA regulations. Our crew is energetic and eager to do a great job. We take pride in what we do and focus on every detail to guarantee the best parking lot line striping services, ensuring a happy customer and no “call-backs.” 

Our crew understands that proper preparation is absolutely key to a long-lasting parking lot striping job. First, our team will fully pressure-wash your existing parking lot stripes to remove old, flaking paint and any additional dirt or grime. This step, while easily overlooked, is essential in getting the new paint job to adhere. We use a solvent-borne acrylic paint that has a bold color, bright sheen, and a near-instant dry time. Our crew is also trained on fire lane regulations and ADA compliance, and we can paint fire lane stripes and will work within ADA guidelines. When you partner with the team at Precise Property Maintenance for parking lot striping in the DFW area, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most professional services possible.

Precise Property Maintenance is the fastest crew in the business. With an average turnaround time of 48 hours, our sales team doesn’t drag their feet in getting you a proposal for your parking lot striping services in Dallas. Our operations team is highly motivated and experienced, so you can be sure we get parking lot striping jobs done efficiently and effectively, no matter whether or not you’re in Dallas–Fort Worth. Our in-house professionals take great pride in their work and will focus on every detail, ensuring a satisfied customer every time. We operate seven days a week and will work with our customers to schedule a time for parking lot painting that will cause the minimum amount of disruption to your parking lot traffic.

Additional Services OFFERED

Beyond just providing parking lot striping in Fort Worth and Dallas, we want to help our customers with any property maintenance services they need. Our skilled crew can provide a range of other services to ensure each client’s property looks great. Our additional services include: 

Pressure washing

Wheel stop installation & removal

Speed bump installation & removal

Exterior Porter Services

Sign installation & removal

Bollard installation & removal

Concrete and asphalt services

And more!