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Speed Bump Installation & Removal in Dallas-Fort Worth

Speed bumps are vital for any parking lot. They help control drivers’ speed while utilizing your lot or neighborhood street. The last thing you need is preventable accidents happening from uncontrolled drivers. They endanger pedestrians and other drivers attempting to use the road or parking lot.

Concrete speed bumps help save lives and boast many other positive qualities. They significantly reduce accidents, provide an excellent return on investment, and generally receive a positive reaction from the public. Speed bumps are also easily customizable. At Precise Property Maintenance, our top-notch professionals will work with you to configure the best plan for driver control.

Precise Property Maintenance is a reputable parking lot maintenance company that offers speed bump installation and removal in Dallas-Fort Worth. We serve the residents of this area by providing safe environments on the streets and parking lots. PPE installs concrete speed bumps in Dallas-Fort Worth that fit the width of the aisle or road you’re trying to keep safe.

The length and height will depend on the size of the parking lot. We understand that you want to strengthen the safety of your parking lot or private drives. Precise Property will measure to ensure our professionals are installing speed bumps and humps precisely where they need to be. Most speed bumps are between 2 and 12 feet in length.

Precise Property will also paint your speed bumps and take care of any other parking lot striping needs you may have. We also will perform speed bump removal if your bumps need updating or replacing. Removing speed bumps isn’t the only parking lot service PPE provides. Our experience in the parking lot striping industry is unbeatable. We are eager to do a great job and take pride in focusing on every detail.

Contact Precise Property Maintenance today to ensure your speed bump installation and removal in Dallas Fort-Worth is done well and with a positive attitude.

Additional Services OFFERED

Beyond just providing parking lot striping in Fort Worth and Dallas, we want to help our customers with any property maintenance services they need. Our skilled crew can provide a range of other services to ensure each client’s property looks great. Our additional services include: 

Pressure washing

Wheel stop installation & removal

Speed bump installation & removal

Exterior Porter Services

Sign installation & removal

Bollard installation & removal

Concrete and asphalt services

And more!