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The Benefits of Speed Bumps in Parking Lots

The Benefits of Speed Bumps in Parking Lots

No one appreciates the modest speed bump. Many people become annoyed that parking lots have them, but the truth is, they’re much needed to keep pedestrians and drivers safe. Read on to explore the benefits of speed bumps in parking lots.

Slow Drivers Down

Slowing drivers down is the primary purpose of speed bumps. These bumps are crucial to parking lots and areas with high foot traffic and can help prevent accidents by quite a large margin. Speed bumps cause drivers to yield before crosswalks, sharp turns, entrances and exits, and more.

Speed bumps are one of the few things that successfully discourage reckless drivers when they’re in a hurry. They cause drivers to intentionally reduce their speed when driving through high trafficked areas or crosswalks.

Regulate Traffic

When people hurry, they tend to avoid roads with speed bumps, redirecting traffic from one route to another. For example, a driver will avoid a road with a school on it due to the number of speed bumps, diverting traffic another way and avoiding severe traffic during school drop-off and pick-up. The classes will remain undisturbed with less noise, and students will stay safe.

Considerations for Pedestrians

Another benefit of speed bumps in parking lots is that they protect the pedestrians that are vulnerable to speeding and traffic. When speed bumps force drivers to slow down, a person is able to spot a vehicle and move out of the way to avoid injury. Speed bumps are crucially important in front of schools, parks, and high-traffic stores where children, youth, and adults are actively present. No matter how careful a person is, a reckless driver can put them at risk.

Criticism of Speed Bumps

Critics are quick to point out the disadvantages of speed bumps. Many drivers will claim that speed bumps can be risky for motorcycles and cyclists and lower emergency vehicles’ response time. These issues cause an increase in vehicle emissions because of the constant acceleration and deceleration of the vehicles.

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