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The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Power Washing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Power Washing

Commercial power washing is important. Every building needs a good washing to look pristine, and it’s good for maintenance purposes. However, commercial power washing is not as easy as some may think. If you don’t do it properly, you run the risk of damaging your entire building. Check out these dos and don’ts of commercial power washing.

Don’t Have It on Blast

Sometimes people think they should set the power washer to the highest level. Don’t. Doing this could potentially damage the property. Some areas are tougher than others and will require a full blast, but others won’t.

Start off at a low level and gradually work your way up when you start facing more resistance. The power washer is already more powerful than your average hose. You don’t need to escalate things if there’s no need. Never wash your office windows with the highest setting, either.

Do Find the Proper Nozzle

There is a proper nozzle for every level of the power washer. It’s important to match them accordingly to see the results you desire. Don’t try to interchange the nozzles because it could potentially damage the washer.

Read over the instructions carefully. They will tell you which nozzles pair with the corresponding levels. Before switching to a new setting, change out the nozzle. Never make the switch with the current nozzle attached.

Don’t Start at the Ground

Remember, clean top to bottom. Some think starting low and working up is a good strategy, but it’s not. You want the dirt to wash away in one go. The top will be the toughest area because it doesn’t get the most attention.

Try to tend to the roof and high walls as often as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is to clear off. Spend a good 30 minutes on the highest floor before descending to ensure you wash every inch.

Do Clear the Area

Never power wash with people close by. Clear the area for everyone’s safety. Place hazard cones around your work area so people know to find alternative routes. If someone happens to walk too close, turn the washer off and wait for them to clear the area before starting back up.

Keep the washer pointed at an angle and never directly adjacent to your body. Doing so could harm you internally and cause you to lose control of the washer. Don’t forget to use the washer to clean the parking lot; it’s a part of the property. Here at Precise Property Maintenance, we offer parking lot striping at our Dallas, TX, location when a simple wash is not good enough. We know all about proper commercial property care and maintenance beyond the do’s and don’ts of commercial power washing. For more information, visit our website.