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The Importance of Surface Prep in Parking Lot Striping

Faded lines and outdated parking lot layouts happen to every business sooner or later. Luckily, there is no need to suffer hard to see markings. Parking lot striping is our specialty at Precise Property Management. We have the know-how to surface any lot quickly and without disrupting the workflow and parking space demands of a business. The importance of parking lot surface preparation before striping is something we are always ready to explain to unsure lot owners. 

What Is Surface Prep? 

As in any work that involves the application of a top layer of material, the condition of the under layers is key. In painting, an artist must prepare a canvas before they can add paint. Otherwise, the quality and longevity of the finished piece will suffer. The same is true of virtually anything that requires sticking two things together. Parking lot painting is certainly no different. 

While paint can be applied to a lot in any condition, a surface that has not been prepped is likely to show wear and fade much quicker. That adds up to more frequent repaints that can make a lot look shabby if old layers of paint are still visible. To ensure a lot looks its best for as long as possible, add parking lot surface preparation to the to-do list.  

Do I Need Surface Prep?

The importance of surface prep in parking lot striping is most evident in worn down lots. Brand new lots likely do not need much more than a wash, though they can also benefit from a complete strip to fully remove previous lines. Older lots begin to change shape on the surface and become rough as the surface is harried by vehicles. 

If your lot is beginning to age, a wash will help clear away debris, and a full surface prep will help smooth down a lot and remove old paint. This can make your lot look younger and fresher, as well as ensure a top-notch striping that will last a long time.

What Are My Surface Prep Options?

The most basic form of parking lot surface preparation is a simple power wash. High-pressure water is used to clear debris and strip away loose material and paint. A wash will ensure the new paint goes on smooth and adheres well. For more worn lots, sandblasting may be more advantageous. High-pressure sand is used to sand down a lot, stripping all remaining paint and smoothing down the rough surface. This is ideal for redesigning the layout of a lot, making a lot look truly fresh and ensuring a long-lasting paint application.  

Surface prep is a detail we take very seriously at Precise Property Management. Sandblasting and power washing are part of our parking lot striping services to ensure the best striping possible. If you are still unsure whether you need surface prep before striping, reach out at any time to speak with one of our capable representatives.