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What Are Wheel Stops and Why You Should Use Them

What Are Wheel Stops and Why You Should Use Them

Parking lots majorly benefit from the installation of wheel stops. If you’re not familiar with a wheel stop, keep reading to explore what wheel stops are and why you should install them.

What Are Wheel Stops?

A wheel stop is meant to protect pedestrian walkways and cycle lanes. Wheel stops prevent vehicle overhangs from reducing the width of accessible routes. Their primary purpose is alerting a driver to an inadvisable action that could cause damage or harm.

Wheel stops are created using various materials, including wood, metal, concrete, recycled rubber, and plastic.

Wheel Stop Uses

Wheel stops have other uses in various locations. Let’s explore three benefits that may not be as popular.


Individuals are often distracted when driving home at the end of a long day. This preoccupation can lead to low-speed collisions when parking at your home. Homeowners can install wheel stops at the end of driveways, in garages, or in front of carports to alert drivers when they should stop or slow down.

Uneven Areas

Wheel stops come in handy when preventing vehicles from moving on uneven areas or slopes. Designate safe space between vehicles by installing them in recreational areas.


Retail parking is typically in front of large storefront windows. Accidents often occur in these areas due to distracted drivers. These collisions cause a ton of incredibly costly damage. Having wheel stops installed can warn drivers where to stop and prevent them from crashing into a store.

Wheel Stop Considerations

Choose wheel stops of various colors, allowing you to distinguish specific areas of your parking lot. For example, yellow can designate standard parking spaces, while blue is for accessible parking areas. Make sure the wheel stop is the correct length for your parking spots.

We hope you feel more knowledgeable regarding wheel stops and why you should use them. They serve many purposes and help keep our parking lots safer.

If you’re interested in having wheel stops installed in your parking lot, contact Precise Property Maintenance. We offer parking lot painting in Plano, Texas, and more.