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What Do Parking Lot Pavement Markings Mean?

What Do Parking Lot Pavement Markings Mean?

Drivers need to know what the markings on the road mean. They need to know what those lines, symbols, and signs mean for their protection and the protection of other drivers. But people rarely stop to think about the symbols inside a parking lot. Here’s your answer if you’ve ever thought, “What do parking lot pavement markings mean?”.

Solid Lines

The solid white lines in parking lots don’t extend as far as they would on a road. They begin at the entry of an opening leading to parking spots. The line stops short before reaching the first parking space. That solid line indicates the separation of traffic flow.

Drivers need to know which side of the road they must follow. Seeing a car in the opposite lane is a clear indication, but the solid line gives a fair warning and prevents an accident from happening. The lines also go horizontal in front of a stop sign, signaling the driver to come to a complete halt before moving further.

Broken Lines

Broken yellow lines indicate that you can pass another car in your lane. The same rules apply to drivers on the road. Solid yellow lines separate traffic following in different directions.

The broken lines aren’t as common in a parking lot due to limited spacing. Drivers also move considerably slower inside a parking lot. However, drivers can take them as a sign to pass other drivers in the same lane if there are broken yellow dashes inside the lot.


Crosswalks often appear in front of a stop sign inside parking lots. They look different from the crosswalks on the road. Inside a lot, crosswalks have two parallel lines, and the diagonal lines are enclosed. Drivers need to yield to walkers approaching the crosswalk.

Not all parking lots mark their crosswalk section. Drivers must be alert and cautious when traveling through a parking lot. Appropriate signage should be clearly visible to warn drivers if no markings exist inside the lot.


Aside from the lines, symbols are also inside the parking lot—the most common one being a person in a wheelchair. This mark symbolizes the space is a reserved spot for people with disabilities and a handicap decal associated with their vehicles.

These symbols are close to the entrance of any building. Arrows directing the flow of traffic for drivers will also be visible. Symbols and spaces also exist for bikers, but those are rare.

Fire Lane

The fire lane inside a parking lot is like the separation between handicapped spaces and standard spaces. However, the color of the lines isn’t white or blue. The lines are red, indicating where the fire truck should park.

Professionals need to come out and freshen up these markings, especially the fire lane striping as often as necessary. Faded marks could confuse drivers passing through or emergency vehicles that need immediate and easy access to the building.

At Precise Property Maintenance, we know what each parking lot pavement marking means and how to paint them inside your lot with precision. Visit our website for more information and to request a quote.