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What Type of Paint Is Best for Line Striping and Why

Is your parking lot in need of striping, but you’re unsure what type of paint is best and why. Read on! Let Precise Property Management share its two cents.

When you own a business or property with a parking lot, you care about its pavement paint. After all, you’ve spent time and money ensuring the parking lot looks well-maintained. Let’s look at what type of paint is best for line striping and why.

Canned Aerosol Line Striping Paint

This paint is the perfect solution for a property manager looking to touch up their parking lot without professional help. It’s the easiest and most straightforward paint to use. You’ll receive professional results every time. Ensure you have a line striping machine; otherwise, you need to hire a professional parking lot striping serviceto handle the job.

If you’re going to handle the task yourself, ensure you calculate how much paint of each color you’ll need before you run out. At the very least, you’ll need three different colors: blue, white, and yellow.

Water-Based Paint

More people have been moving away from oil-based traffic paint as the world becomes more environmentally friendly. You must use water-based paint if you live in a region that’s banned oil-based products.

Since you want your parking lot striping to last as long as possible, hire a reputable company, such as Precise Property Maintenance. We use high-quality paint and strive to provide nothing but professional parking lot maintenance for our clients.

Oil-Based Paint

If your business or property isn’t in an area with restrictions, oil-based paint is an excellent and highly-durable choice. Apply it using a roller or line striper made for this paint’s type of packaging. Make sure you hire a reputable company, like Precise Property Maintenance, to ensure you use the correct product and your striping lasts the accurate lifespan.

Tips for Long-Lasting Paint

Preparation is the key to success. To receive long-lasting results, ensure you:

  • Clean the entire surface, especially if you’re repainting existing lines
  • Ensure the surface is dry
  • Paint when the temperature is warm enough
  • Let the paint dry completely

Understand that quality matters when you’re painting your parking lot. That’s why leaving it to the professionals is the way to go. They’re going to know what type of paint is best for line striping. Contact Precise Property Maintenance today!