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Wheel Stop Installation & Removal in Dallas-Fort Worth

Wheel stops are excellent investments for any parking lot if you’d like to avoid vehicle encroachment onto sidewalks. Precise Property Maintenance offers wheel stop installation and removal in Dallas-Fort Worth. We work with your business to ensure the best service and best results for your parking lot.

A few dos and don’ts for concrete wheel stop installation standards in Dallas-Fort Worth:


  • Ensure the wheel stops contrast with the parking lot
  • Adequately illuminate your wheel stops
  • Make sure there are three inches between stops for a safe walking distance
  • Limit the wheel stop height to six and a half inches and length to six inches


  • Allow wheel stops to remain broken or deteriorated
  • Assume wheel stops will prevent vehicles from driving up onto the sidewalks
  • Install wheel stops in the way of walkways or pedestrian paths

Our skilled crew will properly install the wheel stops in your parking lot. Concrete wheel stops are the way to go; the rubber kind may work for a bit, but concrete will last longer. They’re also harder to steal, affordable, and more durable.

When it comes to concrete wheel stop installation, there are a few different types. Which one you should choose depends on the needs of your parking lot.

  • Four-inch wheel stops: These are the most commonly found wheel stops in parking lots.
  • Six-inch wheel stops: This is another commonly found wheel stop, but why choose the six inch over the four? It’s all about preference and cost.
  • Eight-inch wheel stops: If your parking lot sees more large truck traffic, a four- or six-inch wheel stop may not cut it. Eight-inch wheels are geared toward industrial-sized vehicles.

Contact Precise Property Maintenance for your professional wheel stop installation and removal in Dallas-Fort Worth. We also offer other services, so take time to look around our website today for all your parking lot needs.

Additional Services OFFERED

Beyond just providing parking lot striping in Fort Worth and Dallas, we want to help our customers with any property maintenance services they need. Our skilled crew can provide a range of other services to ensure each client’s property looks great. Our additional services include: 

Pressure washing

Wheel stop installation & removal

Speed bump installation & removal

Exterior Porter Services

Sign installation & removal

Bollard installation & removal

Concrete and asphalt services

And more!