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Five Different Types of Parking Lot Layouts to Consider

Five Different Types of Parking Lot Layouts to Consider

Parking lot development is an essential part of any commercial construction project. A great parking lot design can significantly impact the trajectory of a commercial business. As the contractor on a commercial property project, you should prioritize the layout of the parking lot to ensure easy access and pedestrian safety. Here are the top five different types of parking lot layouts to consider for your next commercial project.

30-Degree Parking

Vehicles in this type of space park at 30 degrees to the road alignment. These 30-degree parking spaces offer drivers additional flexibility and reduce delays. You can also fit more parking spaces on the lot with this parking lot design.

45-Degree Parking

By increasing the angle of parking, 45-degree parking spaces can accommodate more vehicles than 30-degree parking and parallel parking. The parking lot layout is easy to maneuver because drivers no longer need to make sharp turns while parking.

60-Degree Parking

The next type, 60-degree parking, is the middle ground between 45-degree and 90-degree parking, naturally. It is the most common parking lot stall angle because it takes up less space and offers drivers easier maneuverability.

90-Degree Parking

Commonly referred to as perpendicular parking, this type of parking achieves the highest parking capacity. However, since parking spaces are at 90-degree angles from the direction of the road, you will increase the likelihood of crashes and collisions. This style of parking layout works best for businesses needing all-day parking because of the degree of difficulty with entering and leaving.

Parallel Parking

Commonly found in major cities with busy streets and tight spaces, most drivers consider parallel parking the most challenging parking layout. However, if you have limited space to build a parking lot, parallel parking may offer a commercial business more bang for its buck.

Questions To Ask When Determining a Parking Space Layout

Along with the five different types of parking lot layouts to consider, you will need to answer several questions before starting the parking lot design process. You could also reach out to a company offering parking lot striping services to ensure your project operates at maximum efficiency and complies with regulatory requirements. Here are the most important questions to ask when determining a parking space layout:

  • Who will use the parking lot? What is the target audience of the commercial business?
  • What type of parking system does the commercial business want?
  • How does the space available for parking limit your design possibilities?
  • How many parking spaces does the commercial business need?
  • Where should you place the parking lot entrance and exit?
  • Does the commercial business require special accommodation? Will they need extra space for shipment loading, drive-through windows, shopping carts, etc.?

Does Your Construction Project Require Parking Lot Maintenance Services?

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