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Creating the Ideal Layout for Your Parking Lot

Creating the Ideal Layout for Your Parking Lot

One of the fundamental needs of corporate America is a functioning parking lot. Maybe you’re at a point where you’d like to revamp your lot, or you’re moving into your first brick-and-mortar store where you have to add or re-do the lot. Whatever the reason, creating an ideal layout for your parking lot can feel tricky and frustrating. Let’s break it down into digestible sections.

What’s the Purpose of Your Parking Lot?

Is the parking lot for a restaurant that serves many guests at night? Or maybe it’s for a busy shopping center where most guests shop during the weekend. The purpose heavily influences the design of your parking lot.

By regarding the purpose of your lot, you’ll take a lot of the guesswork out of creating the ideal layout for your parking lot. If your parking lot sees a lot of traffic and heavy trucks, you should invest in a thicker lot. If your lot is busier, you may want to consider angled parking spaces.

Create Good Flow

Several factors go into a functional parking lot design, but the flow is one of the most significant. Your parking lot should direct traffic and provide adequate space for an optimized and safe system. Don’t forget about pedestrians because these are your customers or tenants.

If you don’t have a lot of space, opt for 90-degree angled parking spaces. A rectangular-shaped layout will provide more area than an irregular-shaped lot. Don’t forget the correct signage and proper asphalt markings. Signage and markings signify where vehicles and pedestrians need to park and walk safely.

Don’t Forget About Safety

You can never have too many safety precautions for your parking lot! Provide adequate lighting for all individuals who are utilizing your parking lot. If there are changes in elevation in the asphalt, install access ramps for visitors who need them.

Drainage is another safety issue you need to consider when creating the ideal layout for your parking lot. You don’t want standing water damaging the soil and pavement.

Spacing and Sizing

You’re required to create a safe and accessible parking lot for everyone who uses it. Parking lot dimensions vary by city, industry, and building type. The purpose of your lot will determine how many spaces you’re required to have by the industry. Account for the extra space needed for accessible spots.

After you’ve created the ideal layout for your parking lot, you should consider hiring a professional parking lot maintenance and striping company, such as Precise Property Maintenance. We offer parking lot striping in Dallas, Texas. We offer many other incredible parking lot services, so contact us today!