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The Best Time of Year to Restripe Your Parking Lot

The Best Time of Year to Restripe Your Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance is crucial. A clean, organized, and well-maintained lot speaks volumes about the building it’s affiliated with. Whether it’s a business, school, or residential property, the parking lot needs to look pristine, and that includes touching up the lines. We can tell you the best time of year to restripe your parking lot.

After Applying a Fresh Sealcoat

Before we discuss the best time of year to restripe, it’s important to remember that, over time, parking lots will need some conditioning. Between the steady traffic and elements like rain, snow, and heat, the asphalt starts to warp and shift over time. There will eventually be cracks and divots littering the lot.

After some repairs and a new seal coating, the previous lines won’t be visible. It’s best to do these repairs when the weather is nice to prepare for harsher conditions down the road. Once the seal coat dries, prepare to restripe the lot.

Before Winter

Seasonal changes can cause damage to your parking lot. However, restriping the lot before winter rolls around is best. Trying to repaint in the sleet or snow is close to impossible.

Plus, it’s better to have fresh lines before winter because the current ones will only fade more throughout the season. And then drivers will have a difficult time navigating the parking lot.

When Traffic Increases

Think about the times of the year when your property sees the most activity. For schools, most of the traffic happens between fall, winter, and spring. Storefronts have a different range of times depending on the merchandise they sell.

Plan around the timeline for your property. You want to paint fresh lines before the traffic picks up because once it does, it will be hard to get anything done. This same rule applies to specific times of the day. Operate after business hours if possible.

To Comply With ADA Ordinances

The American Disability Act (ADA) requires parking lots to adhere to regulations. All lots must provide accessible parking spaces. To avoid receiving a fine or worse, look into the rules and regulations.

There are ADA requirements for different locations. Some ADA striping requirements want companies to come out to the lot frequently and make updates to the asphalt. At Precise Property Maintenance, we have the tools to handle the job for you. We know the best time of year to restripe your parking lot and have the experts to ensure quality striping. Check out our site and book your appointment today!