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How Often Should You Clean Your Parking Lot and Why?

How Often Should You Clean Your Parking Lot and Why?

If you’re a business owner, you understand how challenging it is to keep the parking lot clean. You may have wondered how often you should clean your parking lot and why. We’re going to take a look at this question so you can continue having a debris-free parking lot.

Let’s Talk About How Often

Keeping your parking lot clean of debris, oil, garbage, and other elements is essential. Hire a crew to come around nightly or weekly to remove any junk and trash from around the lot. Have your lot pressured washed at least every six months to keep spills off your concrete or asphalt. If you notice any spills in between pressure washing sessions, clean them up straight away.

How It Improves Appearance

Your parking lot will become dirty, and the more traffic it sees, the more polluted it becomes. Dirt and debris can conceal parking lot spaces and fire lanes, and litter will destroy your lot’s facade. Your customers won’t appreciate utilizing a parking lot destroyed by garbage.

Snow removal is another way your parking lot will begin to look unkempt and neglected. It can remove the paint in your lot, causing customers to park incorrectly.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning Extend the Life of Asphalt and Concrete

The sewers and drainage system will thank you for regularly cleaning the dirt and debris from the lot. When you allow the drainage to work correctly, no puddles will form that would typically deteriorate the asphalt and concrete. Regular maintenance and cleaning also extend the longevity and durability of your parking lot.

Keeps Rodents at Bay

Rodents flock to areas that are full of garbage. They burrow into spaces, claiming their territory and gathering their friends. There are several reasons to keep the rodents at bay, such as:

  • They scare away customers
  • They’re challenging to get rid of once they’ve established themselves
  • They chew holes and build nests causing damage to your property

Prevents Erosion

When you let silt and debris sit on the concrete, it begins to erode the surface. Sand, garbage, dirt, and other elements are abrasive to concrete and asphalt, which can cause premature deterioration.

Now that you understand the answer to how often you should clean your parking lot and why, we hope this clarifies the path to creating a clean parking lot for your business.

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