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How Parking Lot Striping Can Improve Safety

How Parking Lot Striping Can Improve Safety

Parking lots are supposed to be safer than the streets. However, that rule only applies if the lot is properly taken care of and organized. Some property owners don’t think lot striping is a big deal, but it is, and we can prove it. Here’s how parking lot striping can improve safety.

Creates Better Direction

Parking lots shouldn’t experience heavy traffic jams—they’re not like freeways during rush hour. Proper striping goes beyond designated parking spots. Include arrows in every aisle to guide the flow of traffic.

Drivers will know which way to enter and exit the lot. Some lots have “Do Not Enter” signs at certain driveways, but they could distract drivers. Use the arrows because they’re in the line of sight for the driver. Choose either white or yellow paint for asphalt. Yellow might be better because it will still stand out in winter and not fade too much from the salt.

Follows Fire Codes

Fire codes require parking lots to have a designated fire lane, which can only be established with proper striping. Fire trucks and authority figures need to be able to locate their designated areas when responding to emergencies.

Commercial properties could pay a fine of $150 or more if they fail to follow these guidelines. Aside from the fire lanes, the lot can’t exceed a specific number of cars. Too many cars on the commercial property become a fire hazard. Don’t leave it to the drivers to make their own parking spaces.

Reduces Accidents

A parking lot without stripes is more subject to accidents. Drivers will try and fit into spaces that aren’t designated for them. Proper striping prevents drivers from creating makeshift parking spaces.

The lines also ensure every car has enough room to park; the lines work as guides. This means fewer dents or bumps on car doors. Some cars are bigger than others, but sufficiently-sized parking spaces should give drivers plenty of room to open their doors without damaging another vehicle.

Provides Accommodations

Use the lines to provide special accommodations for those who need them. Senior citizens, people with disabilities, and expecting parents should have assigned parking spaces near the property’s entrance.

These demographics may not experience emergencies in your establishment, but it’s always better to accommodate them and ensure their vehicles are nearby. They may need to access their vehicles at a moment’s notice. Check out our parking lot striping in Plano, TX if you own commercial property.

At Precise Property Maintenance, we can improve the safety and curb appeal of your parking lot with new striping. For more information, visit our website.