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Signage Every Parking Lot Should Have and What They Mean

Signage Every Parking Lot Should Have and What They Mean

You need to ensure that your parking lot has a plan for every situation. With careful planning and the correct signage, your parking lot can stay safe, orderly, and clean. These are the signs every parking lot should have and what they mean.

Accessible Parking Signs

Reserving accessible spots in your parking lot is a necessity. You must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA. One accessible space per 25 or fewer regular spots is required. Each of the spaces should have an accompanying sign to reserve the spot.

The Federal Highways Administration designed the current sign for parking lots. Some specific states created ADA-compliant designs with supplemental messages that must be posted.

Parking Prohibited Signs

Do you have specific parking lot areas that you’d like to be off-limits to patrons? This reason is why parking prohibited signs exist. These signs are perfect for loading zones, dumpsters, entrances, and other areas where a parked car would get in the way.

Fire Lane Signs

Fire lanes should be kept clear at all times, and you must keep parking restricted from this area. You may have to keep certain areas close to the building clear for the fire department. The “No Parking Fire Lane” sign is ideal for garages, parking lots, and visitor areas to alert visitors, customers, and deliveries of the fire lane area.

Directional Parking Signs

You may have signs directing customers where to park once they’re in your lot, but what about getting them to your parking lot? Parking “ahead” arrows and messages that lead to your establishment are critical signs of getting people to your business.

These particular signs are helpful if your lot is behind the building or adjacent to your lot.

Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Pedestrian crossing signs help remind drivers that customers and visitors are actively walking around the parking lot from the business to their vehicle. These signs are also great to use for parking areas separated by larger or private roads.

Refer back to this guide to the signage every parking lot should have when you’re questioning which sign your lot may need.

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