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How Extreme Heat Affects Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lots

The memory of the extreme heat from summer is still fresh in our minds. Understanding how extreme heat affects asphalt and concrete parking lots is crucial in the business world, especially in areas where temps can soar during the summer.

Fades Line Striping

Parking lot line striping is important because not only does it show vehicles where to park, but it also indicates where pedestrians should walk, where the fire lanes are, and where the handicap spots are located. The issue is that strong UV rays from the hot sun quickly fade these markings.

Increased Cracks and Potholes

Asphalt expands and contracts with varying temperatures. You’ll notice that your parking lot developed more potholes and cracks because it inflates in high heat. Rigid pavement is known to buckle during hot weather. Be sure to get these holes repaired quickly before winter comes because with cold weather, the asphalt contracts, creating even more damage.

Weak Pavement

Since the pavement is weaker from harsh UV rays, water can make its way into the foundation, wreaking havoc and causing permanent damage. The name of this process is called oxidation. UV radiation from the sun creates a chemical reaction. The light oils cross with the heavier oils, which decreases the number of binding oils in the asphalt.

Proper Water Filtration

With the extreme heat of summer also comes the threat of storms and hurricanes. If you notice large puddles of water all around your parking lot after a rainstorm, this is a sign of a poorly working drainage system for your lot. You can’t ignore these puddles because the longer they sit, the more damage they will do to your parking lot.

One fantastic way to keep your parking lot looking its best is to have it seal coated every two to three years. Precise Property Maintenance is here to attend to all of your parking lot striping needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, area. Give us a call today to help fix the extreme heat effects on your concrete and asphalt parking lot.