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Tips for Choosing Shade Trees for Parking Lots

Tips For Choosing Shade Trees for Parking Lots

Deciding which shade tree to place in a parking lot is a tricky business because not every tree will withstand the challenges that come with the job. In this article, we’ll help you understand what trees are best and the trials they’ll face in a parking lot. These are tips for choosing shade trees for parking lots so you can make an educated decision.

Benefits of Trees

Adding trees to an expansive parking lot breaks up the monotony of asphalt and creates some scenery. It will improve the lot’s appearance, add oxygen to the environment, and help prevent soil erosion. The trees will also aid in the reduction of issues such as wind, noise, and stormwater drainage. Additionally, they’ll provide shade for customers. It’s important that trees for parking lots be tough and sturdy.

The Best Trees for Parking Lots

We’ve compiled a short list of the best trees for parking lots. Any of these trees would make excellent shade trees for parking lots.

Zelkova (Green Vase)

The zelkova is a tree native to Asia. It’s beautiful, hardy, and has gorgeous branches for a perfect winter silhouette. Its dark green leaves turn golden yellow and auburn in autumn. It has a high tolerance for pollution, compact soil, droughts, and wind, which is why it’s the perfect choice for urban landscapes.


The American elm used to be the most common street tree in America. Ever since elms were struck by the Dutch elm disease in the 1930s, they’ve been making a comeback.

The Chinese elm is another great elm option. It has adapted well to various soil types and survives fine in urban conditions. It’s resistant to Dutch elm disease, Japanese beetles, and elm leaf beetles, and can thrive in droughts.

Red Maple

One of the most common deciduous trees of eastern and central North America is the hardy red maple. It will grow just about anywhere. Parking lots are no match for the majestic red maple. During fall, you’ll have the prettiest lot in town.

Crape Myrtle

This gorgeous tree can brighten up any lot in town. It has flower clusters ranging from pink to white to lavender. Don’t let its fragile look fool you, though—it’s surprisingly resilient. It’s a lover of heat and will have no issues thriving and blooming. It’s relatively free of insects and diseases and can withstand drought after establishing itself.

The Challenges They’ll Face

Most of the challenges parking lot trees face have to do with the construction process. Tree-loving topsoil becomes removed during construction while subgrade is compacted and layers of crushed stone, followed by asphalt or concrete. This mixture under the pavement isn’t good for tree roots. Then there’s the lack of water and excess heat beating down.

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