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What To Know Before Installing Speed Bumps

What To Know Before Installing Speed Bumps

Many know parking lots are not the place to become a speed demon or get out of control with our vehicles. But not all drivers are mindful of this rule, so it’s up to the owner of the lot to enforce the appropriate safety laws and encourage drivers to slow down. Installing a speed bump might be the solution. But first, here’s what you need to know before installing them.

Bump or Hump?

First, you need to know the difference between a speed bump and a speed hump. They might seem similar, but they’re not. They differ in how they reduce the driver’s speed and where to install them for effectiveness.

A speed bump dramatically reduces a driver’s speed, which is why you typically see them in areas where pedestrians cross, like parking lots and driveways. A speed hump is for residential roads and local streets because they don’t dramatically reduce a driver’s speed.

Bump Material

For your speed bump, you’ll need to know the best materials to use, so it’s compatible with your parking lot. An asphalt speed bump is a more traditional and permanent feature inside the lot.

Asphalt is heavy-duty and resistant to damage, whereas rubber might require more maintenance over time, especially if the lot sees a lot of activity. However, property owners love the rubber option because they are removable and lightweight. If the flow of traffic ever shifts, you can remove them quickly.

Proper Guidelines

There are rules and regulations for just about everything when it comes to commercial property and parking lots. Any new changes need to adhere to established guidelines. Installing speed bumps is always about safety.

Before installing the speed bump, read and review the protocol for such a task to ensure you don’t violate any local laws or compliances. The company you choose for your installation should also be familiar with the guidelines, so make sure they’re experts.

Maintenance Requirements

Before adding a new feature to the parking lot, ensure the current situation is clean and compliant. Parking lot maintenance is crucial before adding a bump. The bump could cause more disruption if the current lot is suffering.

Clear away all cracks and deformities to establish a smooth lot and ensure an easy installation. Make sure the stripes are fresh. Find a company with a parking lot striping service, such as Precise Property Maintenance, to get your lot squared away before proceeding with the speed bump install. In addition to what we know about speed bump installation, we know a lot about maintaining parking lots. For more information, visit our website.