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Tips for Making Temporary Event Parking ADA Compliant

Tips for Making Temporary Event Parking ADA Compliant

Have an event coming up where you need to create temporary parking? The following are tips for making temporary event parking ADA compliant.

General Tips

To comply with ADA requirements for events, you must equip each parking spot with a level access aisle, and an adequate amount of space for vehicle doors and van lifts to maneuver. In order to conserve space, two parking spaces can use one access aisle. The ADA-compliant parking spots must be as close to the event as possible and connected with a smooth, level path without curbs or obstructions to the main event or site.

ADA event requirements state that you must provide 1 accessible spot for every 1 to 25 regular parking spaces. Also, remember to check with your state and local building codes to ensure you’re following the law.

Location of Parking

No matter where vehicles will park, the accessible spaces must be level and adjoined to accessible route access to be ADA compliant. If you have multiple lots, place the accessible spots in the closer lot. You should also provide covered parking or a covered loading and unloading zone.

Parking Garages

Parking garages are problematic because they don’t always allow the vertical clearance needed for van access. They will only work if you provide the 98-inch minimum required to be compliant. Some vans need even more clearance than 98 inches.

Offsite Parking

Providing offsite parking for your guests is perfect, but you must provide accessible routes to the venue. It would be best if you considered offering temporary onsite parking, as you may have difficulty creating the routes.

Parking Signage

ADA-compliant parking spaces should be clearly marked with a vertical sign with the accessibility symbol. And you’ll need the van accessibility spots also to be marked as “van accessible.”

Temporary Parking Lots

If you are using grass fields or dirt lots for parking, specific spots must be reserved and held for people with disabilities. ADA event requirements state that the ground’s surface must be firm and stable, and the grass must be cut close to ground level. Don’t use gravel, loose sand, and overgrown grassy areas are they are too difficult to travel across.

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