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Top Reasons To Install Bollards in Your Parking Lot

Top Reasons To Install Bollards in Your Parking Lot

Drivers losing control and crashing into stores happens more often than you think. Are you wondering how you can help prevent this from happening at your business? The answer is bollards. When you use them, you can make your place safer in many ways. Read here to learn about the top reason to install bollards in your parking lot.

What Is a Bollard?

Bollards are efficient posts installed in parking lots to protect infrastructures and pedestrians. Safety bollards are usually created with cast iron or steel and high-impact or security bollards are made with steel pipes. Both varieties can be covered with a high-visibility color that helps them stand out.

Top Reasons To Install Bollards

There are a variety of reasons to install bollards in your parking lot. Let’s explore a few of the top ones.

Access Control

Bollards are visual guides that separate vehicular areas from pedestrian areas. They are placed near curb extensions, islands, and medians to keep vehicles out. You can choose to use them to border crosswalks or crossways down the middle lot.

Asset Protection

You can place bollards in front of water and gas meters to protect them and other areas from becoming damaged. They can also get installed inside warehouses or property to safeguard hazardous areas and equipment.

Security Reasons

Bollards help deter criminals from carrying out malicious acts such as smash-and-grabs. Thus, installing them is a great way to deter criminals and prevent crime-based disasters from happening on your property.

Accident or Injury Prevention

Bollards are strategically placed to prevent pedestrians from injury if a driver loses control of their vehicle. Install them so pedestrians will feel safe and so the risk of accidents will be reduced.

How Many To Install

Correct spacing fluctuates based on application, and spacing will determine the necessary amount of bollards. For example, bollards in front of the store are usually in a row and placed three to five feet apart. (This is the standard distance for bollard placement.) If the area has heavy foot traffic, then the spacing will vary. Ensure your contractor is experienced with ADA compliance and consult with the Americans with Disabilities Act while you’re planning.

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