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Common Line Striping Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Common Line Striping Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Keeping a parking lot clean and easily readable is a simple but often overlooked task. A well-maintained lot has many advantages, from possessing superior safety to making your business more appealing. Caring for a parking lot isn’t a task you should ever rush, though, as there are plenty of common line striping mistakes you need to avoid.

Selecting an Unsuitable Paint

It may be a surprise to some that there’s more than one type of parking lot striping paint. Namely, the most common varieties include oil-based, water-based, thermal, and reflective paints. Each has different advantages and price points. For instance, parking lot striping in Fort Worth and around Texas requires a sun-resistant form of paint. Different climates will wear down or bleach certain paints much quicker. The two most common general lot markings are composed of water and oil-based varieties. Ultimately the best choice for your area depends on the markings you need to make and the region of your business.

Ignoring Marking Ordnances

There’s much more to a parking lot than simply blocking out parking spaces. Every mark must align with all relevant local rules and regulations. Therefore, it’s important to determine what governmental bodies expect of your business before beginning the striping process. Likely, the most critical compliance expectations to keep up with will include ADA expectations and markings of fire lanes

Failing To Clean the Surface Properly

While striping paint will stick to rough surfaces, it’ll last longer and look better on a lot that you’ve first prepared. Painting over a damaged surface will cause the new marking to wear down unevenly or faster. Moreover, painting over faded old lines isn’t as attractive as doing so on a new, clean lot. Power blasting a parking lot is a quick service that vastly improves a lot’s condition and ensures the paint will look great and stay intact.

Not Planning the Design

The last and possibly worst common line striping mistake you need to avoid is failing to plan the lot layout properly. As noted, maximizing customer parking spaces isn’t enough. To have a genuinely effective lot, you must consider many elements. The traffic flow of vehicles and customers is an important start to ensure visitors remain safe while on your business’s property. Additionally, careful placement and marking of obstacles are critical to ensure they’re accessible but out of the way. For instance, cart corral placement throughout a lot can either feel too sparse or take up valuable parking space when it’s excessive. Finally, ensure the elements in your parking lot work cohesively to create a positive experience for everyone.