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How Does Temperature Affect Asphalt and Parking Lot Striping?

How Does Temperature Affect Asphalt and Parking Lot Striping?

Ever wonder why your parking lot develops cracks after the seasons change? Or why the striping seems to fade faster during summer months? Temperature affects asphalt and parking lot striping in many ways, especially in Texas.

UV-Light Bleaching

Over time, the ultraviolet light produced by the sun will fade the colors of parking lot striping in a process called bleaching. Enough of this bleaching will also start to break down the surface of the asphalt, making it vulnerable to cracking and warping. This can be a huge issue in Texas, where sunlight hammers your parking lot for up to 18 hours a day.

Summer Heat

The second biggest problem for parking lot owners is the heat produced by sunlight and motor traffic. High temperatures weaken asphalt and make it brittle. This can lead to increasing problems when the seasons change and temperatures drop.

Freezing Cold

How does temperature affect asphalt and parking lot striping during the winter? When temperatures decrease suddenly, your parking lot contracts and begins to pull away from itself, making cracks worse. Parking lot owners need to watch out for small cracks developing during the summer that can turn into much bigger problems during a winter freeze.

Poor Drainage

If your parking lot has cracks or potholes, these can fill up with water brought on by rain or melting snow. During cold weather, that water might re-freeze and expand inside the cracks, making them bigger. Water that sits on asphalt also degrades it slowly over time, compounding any previous issues.

Stay Ahead of Temperature Changes

Most people in Texas are aware of dangers presented by hot summer temperatures, but cold weather is also becoming more of a problem. Temperature changes only increase the wear and tear on your parking lot. We offer services with pressure washing and parking lot striping in Arlington, TX, that will keep your lot up to code and looking amazing all year round. Don’t wait for problems to build up as the weather changes.