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Parking Lot Striping in Murphy, Texas

At Precise Property Maintenance, we understand that first impressions matter. Your parking lot is your visitors’ first contact with your building, and a well-maintained, clearly marked parking area sets the tone for a positive experience. Specializing in parking lot striping in Murphy, Texas, we provide outstanding service to enhance your lot’s look, safety, and compliance.


Our secret to a successful parking lot striping job lies in its preparation. That’s why our experienced crew begins every project by thoroughly pressure-washing existing parking lot stripes. This essential step removes all old, flaking paint, dirt, and grime, ensuring the new paint adheres perfectly.

We use the best materials for our projects. In particular, we use solvent-borne acrylic paint because it’s bold, bright, and has a fast dry time. Using the best materials ensures your lot looks professional and inviting while minimizing downtime for a swift return to business as usual.

Our team has training in aesthetics and expertise in safety and legal compliance. We have comprehensive knowledge of fire lane regulations and ADA guidelines. Whether you require fire lane stripes painted or seek to ensure your lot complies with ADA standards, we’ve got you covered, reducing the risk of fines and legal complications.

Our Goals

Tailored for anyone who prioritizes the appearance and functionality of their parking lots, our services aim to:

Enhance curb appeal and professional image

Guarantee safety and compliance

Minimize disruption and downtime

Accommodate your busy schedule with a swift 48-hour turnaround time

At Precise Property Maintenance, your satisfaction is our top priority. We deliver efficient, high-quality parking lot striping services to meet your property’s unique needs. With us, you can expect nothing less than the most professional service in Texas.

Don’t let a worn-out parking lot diminish your property’s appeal. Let us transform your parking lot into a welcoming, safe, and compliant space for visitors. Our parking lot striping in Murphy, Texas, can cater to your needs. Contact our fast-responding team to see how we can make your parking lot stand out.