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How Often Should You Restripe Your Parking Lot?

How Often Should You Restripe Your Parking Lot?

For many consumers, the answer to the question, “How often should you restripe your parking lot?” is often, “More!” We’ve all been to offices and stores where the lots are needlessly worn away, full of cracks, and have several layers of extremely faded markings. There’s no reason for a business to suffer an unpleasant looking exterior when asphalt restriping is such a quick, convenient, and affordable service.

The Advantages of a Fresh Parking Lot

Restriping parking lot lines is a very simple procedure that lends many benefits to businesses. A properly marked parking lot keeps customers safe and helps them navigate your business’s external space without inconveniences. A clean lot is also more inviting to new customers. Finally, having a lot correctly and clearly marked is essential to stay within local lot compliance laws.

Plan for Regular Upkeep

You can ensure your lot never incurs the ire of visitors by planning for routine upkeep. Most regions expect to call for parking lot striping services at least once every year. Ultimately, it depends on the location of your business. Sunnier and hotter places, such as our own Texas local area, are subject to more wear. Sunlight fades and bleaches colors much more rapidly than in other climates. Areas with more extreme swings in weather and temperature or very high traffic areas will also need to adjust their expectations and set their schedule accordingly.

What To Expect

The reason why many businesses simply leave their lots as they are likely stems from an unfounded fear that restriping a parking lot is somehow inconvenient. The idea that asphalt restriping must take a long time, requires the lot to be completely shut down, or has to be done during business hours is completely untrue. We do things differently here at Precise Property Management. Contact us today to ask how we can best work with your business to restripe your lot without disrupting routine traffic. It’s a simple and quick process for our expert team!