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How To Clean Surfaces Properly Before Parking Lot Striping

How To Clean Surfaces Properly Before Parking Lot Striping

One of the best investments any business can make is to update its parking lot. It’s often the first thing customers interact with, and first impressions do count. However, it’s not as simple as painting over the old and worn—to truly create an inviting space, a parking lot needs preparation before painting. How to clean surfaces properly before parking lot striping is a question that should be asked before the painting ever starts.

How a Clean Lot Helps With Striping

It’s hard to imagine that anything as long-lasting and durable as outdoor paint requires much preparation. However, taking the time to clear the surface to be painted makes a significant difference. While it’s true that such a hardy paint will bind to just about any condition of concrete and asphalt, there’s a substantial difference in quality and longevity when the extra cleaning step is accounted for.

What’s more, cleaning a surface is just part of our local San Antonio parking lot striping services. We complete surface prep quickly and efficiently before striping, ensuring that you lose no time or business while refreshing your essential lot markings.

The Best Methods for Cleaning Lots

In terms of how to clean surfaces properly before parking lot line striping, it typically comes down to the condition of the surface. Newer lots generally fare well with a quick wash, whereas pocked and aged surfaces may need extra care. Regardless of the situation, the same striping company will most likely be equipped to handle the parking lot cleaning.  

A simple power wash will polish any early stages of wear and blast away the oil and any loose debris if the surface is already smooth and fairly fresh. For older lots, sandblasting similarly polishes the surfaces smooth but much more noticeably. What’s more, both types of washing will strip any old, faded markings, leaving the lot clear and ready for fresh and easy-to-read new markings.

Choose the Best Striping Options

It’s important to note that each region has specific needs when it comes to parking lot striping. For instance, colder regions may experience difficulty with certain paints drying more slowly. Areas with extreme weather naturally require significantly hardier colors to resist rapid wear. In Texas, where heat and long periods of intense sunlight are factors, paints often fade more quickly.

Choosing suitable paints is part and parcel of choosing a qualified striping company. Precise Property Maintenance has the expertise and equipment to provide commercial parking lot cleaning, along with other services. Reach out today to learn more about how we support the needs of businesses throughout San Antonio, Fort Worth, and the local Texas area.