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How To Tell if Your Parking Lot Is ADA Compliant

How To Tell if Your Parking Lot Is ADA Compliant

Modern society always shifting more and more towards the noble goal of accessibility. As a wider community, we are beginning to understand the types of disabilities people live with. Waves of progress are being made all the time to ensure everyone can enjoy public spaces equally. One recent law put into effect a series of rules that mandates accessibility across the board. Every lot-owning businessperson needs to learn how to tell if your parking lot is ADA Compliant. This knowledge can save time, money, and grief in the long run.

What Is ADA Compliance?

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. In 2010, a collection of rules and expectations were released by the Department of Justice. These rules collectively outlined the best practices businesses must follow to better serve customers with disabilities. These rules apply across the board to everyone who is disabled and interacts or works with disabled individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofit organizations. All features of publicly accessible buildings must reflect these ordinances lest the owners be fined. Typically, fees start at $200 per infraction, so it’s a serious matter.

How To Check if Spaces Are Compliant

Unsurprisingly, parking lots fall into the many details of ADA compliance. The best way to tell if your parking lot is ADA compliant is to check specifications around handicap parking areas. Regulations specifically check for the presence of correct signage, presence of no parking buffers, and dimensions of lots. Your lot may also fall out of compliance based on details such as the slope of the lot, visibility and clarity of markings and lot stripes, and the lot’s overall condition. To better serve your clientele, you should maximize these aspects of your lot according to the expectations of the ADA compliance rules.

What To Do if You Are Unsure

The best way to be sure your business’s parking lot is up to snuff is to check with experts like Precise Property Management. Reach out to us with your questions and concerns and speak with a trained representative. Asking questions is one of the first steps to making sure you are within compliance expectations. If you discover that your lot is not within regulations, you will need to have it repainted.

This might sound like an alarming prospect to a business owner, but it shouldn’t be. Our quality parking lot striping company in Austin will be able to work around the hours of local Texas businesses. We can even work after-hours to accommodate business with busy lots. Furthermore, striping doesn’t have to be as costly as entrepreneurs expect. Our services are affordable as well as fast. Call today to ask about our services and learn how Precise Property Management can help improve your parking lot.