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What Are the Common Colors for Parking Lot Striping?

What Are the Common Colors for Parking Lot Striping?

There are multiple benefits to an adequately striped parking lot. Patrons know where to park and which direction to drive, and it adds a great deal to curb appeal. Let’s break down the common colors used for parking lot striping.

The Parking Lot Paint Colors You Should Know

There isn’t much variety when it comes to paint colors for parking lots, but that’s most likely because property owners aren’t aware they can choose any color they desire. The only time they can’t decide is when local or legal code requires a particular color.

The main colors you’ll encounter for parking lot paint are:

  • Red: signifies fire lanes and restricted areas
  • Yellow: commonly found to indicate parking spaces
  • White: indicates crosswalks, parking spots, and directional markings
  • Blue: indicates accessible spaces, including curbs, exit and entry points, ramps, and others

Going Green

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular on the road, and property owners are noticing. They’re using green paint to mark the spaces where electric vehicle owners can park to charge up.

You may also notice green used for directional arrows for shuttle and bus stations. Green tells individuals where to walk and wait for the buses or shuttles.

Eye-Catching Colors

It’s relatively uncommon, but you may find purple and orange used on parking lots. Purple is excellent to signify loading and unloading zones for passengers. Orange is a warning color; property owners will choose this color to indicate turns and curves.

Stick With the Basics

If you’re looking to paint or restripe your parking lot, understand that it’s best to stick with the standard paint colors. Consumers and clients already associate red with restricted parking areas, so it’s best not to paint your parking stalls red. You may end up hindering your parking lot and causing confusion.

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