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What Can Cause Damage to Asphalt Parking Lots?

What Can Cause Damage to Asphalt Parking Lots?

There are many reasons why your asphalt parking lot may need premature replacement. We’re going to take a look at what can cause damage to asphalt parking lots so you can avoid these issues in the future.

Standing Water

Standing water signifies that your parking lot is under pavement distress and causes damage. When you allow water to puddle on your parking lot, it slowly begins to deteriorate the surface. The water will eventually seep into the foundation and create permanent structural damage. Call a professional straight away if you notice standing water happening in your parking lot.

Leaving Cracks and Potholes Unrepaired

Call a professional when you notice potholes or cracks in your parking lot. If you leave them, neglected potholes and cracks can grow larger and larger as the water begins to penetrate the foundation, causing lasting damage.

Cracks and potholes make it challenging for customers to find adequate parking. It can also make you liable for a customer’s injury if they were to fall.

Heavy Loads

All asphalt pavement parking lots are engineered to handle a specific weight range. Allowing large tractor-trailers and other non-passenger vehicles to park on the lot can overwhelm the weight capacity. Parking them causes more damage to your lot than just the large vehicles driving over the pavement.

Storing large construction equipment and machinery on your lot will also cause damage. Ensure you understand how much weight your asphalt parking lot can handle. It costs less to prevent damage than it is to fix it.

Improper Installation

One crucial way to ensure your parking lot’s longevity is to install it properly. Hire a reliable and professional company, such as Precise Property Maintenance. We’re a parking lot striping company in Arlington, Texas, that offers many parking lot maintenance services.

Now that you understand what can cause damage to asphalt parking lots, do your best to avoid these situations. Your parking lot will thank you for it.