Why You Should Hire Professionals To Stripe Your Parking Lot

parking lot lines
parking lot stripes

Parking lot maintenance needs to be a priority no matter the size of the lot. Weather and usage damage it every day, and there’s no way of protecting it. Hiring professionals to stripe your parking lot will allow you to maintain its integrity with ease so it can continue benefiting your business.

Enhance Appearance

Most business owners tend to forget about their parking lots, but keeping up with parking lot maintenance boosts the curb appeal of the building. Properly caring for the building is excellent, but caring for your lot is just as important.

Improving Safety

Pedestrian crossing, handicap spaces, fire lanes, and parking lot striping all have a critical role in the safety of your customers and employees. When you allow these stripes to fade or disappear, people can potentially get harmed in countless ways. Maintaining these pavement markings with fresh paint will enable everyone to move about the parking lot efficiently and safely.

Boost Parking Sites

Hiring professionals to stripe your parking lot will help you evaluate your current parking situation and show you ways to maximize the lot. Marked stripes will ensure the max number of vehicles can park in your lot at the same time. Lines stalls that are clearly marked aid the flow of traffic, allowing the lot to stay clear of congestion.

ADA Compliance and Handicap Spaces

Under the Americans with Disability Act, businesses must have a specific number of designated handicap spots in their parking lots. Maintaining your lot keeps these spaces defined, and you’ll obey the law and offer proper areas for disabled patrons and employees.

Liability Reduction

If an employee or customer receives an injury on your lot because you didn’t properly care for it, you’re held liable for their injuries. You could be accountable for paying the person’s medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and lost earning capacity. Tending to the parking lot will reduce the chances of injuries happening.

Many benefits unquestionably come from adequately caring for your parking lot. If you or someone you know requires a parking lot striping company in Dallas, Tx, please give Precise Property Maintenance a call.

Common Line Striping Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Common Line Striping Mistakes You Need To Avoid
Common Line Striping Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Keeping a parking lot clean and easily readable is a simple but often overlooked task. A well-maintained lot has many advantages, from possessing superior safety to making your business more appealing. Caring for a parking lot isn’t a task you should ever rush, though, as there are plenty of common line striping mistakes you need to avoid.

Selecting an Unsuitable Paint

It may be a surprise to some that there’s more than one type of parking lot striping paint. Namely, the most common varieties include oil-based, water-based, thermal, and reflective paints. Each has different advantages and price points. For instance, parking lot striping in Fort Worth and around Texas requires a sun-resistant form of paint. Different climates will wear down or bleach certain paints much quicker. The two most common general lot markings are composed of water and oil-based varieties. Ultimately the best choice for your area depends on the markings you need to make and the region of your business.

Ignoring Marking Ordnances

There’s much more to a parking lot than simply blocking out parking spaces. Every mark must align with all relevant local rules and regulations. Therefore, it’s important to determine what governmental bodies expect of your business before beginning the striping process. Likely, the most critical compliance expectations to keep up with will include ADA expectations and markings of fire lanes

Failing To Clean the Surface Properly

While striping paint will stick to rough surfaces, it’ll last longer and look better on a lot that you’ve first prepared. Painting over a damaged surface will cause the new marking to wear down unevenly or faster. Moreover, painting over faded old lines isn’t as attractive as doing so on a new, clean lot. Power blasting a parking lot is a quick service that vastly improves a lot’s condition and ensures the paint will look great and stay intact.

Not Planning the Design

The last and possibly worst common line striping mistake you need to avoid is failing to plan the lot layout properly. As noted, maximizing customer parking spaces isn’t enough. To have a genuinely effective lot, you must consider many elements. The traffic flow of vehicles and customers is an important start to ensure visitors remain safe while on your business’s property. Additionally, careful placement and marking of obstacles are critical to ensure they’re accessible but out of the way. For instance, cart corral placement throughout a lot can either feel too sparse or take up valuable parking space when it’s excessive. Finally, ensure the elements in your parking lot work cohesively to create a positive experience for everyone. 

How Often Should You Restripe Your Parking Lot?

How Often Should You Restripe Your Parking Lot?
How Often Should You Restripe Your Parking Lot?

For many consumers, the answer to the question, “How often should you restripe your parking lot?” is often, “More!” We’ve all been to offices and stores where the lots are needlessly worn away, full of cracks, and have several layers of extremely faded markings. There’s no reason for a business to suffer an unpleasant looking exterior when asphalt restriping is such a quick, convenient, and affordable service.

The Advantages of a Fresh Parking Lot

Restriping parking lot lines is a very simple procedure that lends many benefits to businesses. A properly marked parking lot keeps customers safe and helps them navigate your business’s external space without inconveniences. A clean lot is also more inviting to new customers. Finally, having a lot correctly and clearly marked is essential to stay within local lot compliance laws.

Plan for Regular Upkeep

You can ensure your lot never incurs the ire of visitors by planning for routine upkeep. Most regions expect to call for parking lot striping services at least once every year. Ultimately, it depends on the location of your business. Sunnier and hotter places, such as our own Texas local area, are subject to more wear. Sunlight fades and bleaches colors much more rapidly than in other climates. Areas with more extreme swings in weather and temperature or very high traffic areas will also need to adjust their expectations and set their schedule accordingly.

What To Expect

The reason why many businesses simply leave their lots as they are likely stems from an unfounded fear that restriping a parking lot is somehow inconvenient. The idea that asphalt restriping must take a long time, requires the lot to be completely shut down, or has to be done during business hours is completely untrue. We do things differently here at Precise Property Management. Contact us today to ask how we can best work with your business to restripe your lot without disrupting routine traffic. It’s a simple and quick process for our expert team!

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great
Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great

The parking lot is the first place most customers see of a business. In many ways, it’s the first impression, so it’s essential to ensure that impression is a positive one. A dirty, damaged, or hard-to-navigate lot induces frustration. To ensure your customers start their visit with a smile, check out these parking lot maintenance tips to keep your parking lot looking great.

Refresh the Markings Before It’s a Problem

One of the most irritating things that can happen to a visitor in your lot is simply being unable to use it. Clear and bright markings are essential to organizing traffic and ensuring everyone can find a parking spot. Without identifying marks, customers are at greater risk of parking in the wrong places and even ending up in accidents while in your lot. Local parking lot striping companies understand the unique needs of lots in their region. For example, hot places like San Antonio often require more frequent parking area maintenance, such as refresher coats due to the heat and sun. 

Clean the Lot Frequently

One of the easiest parking lot maintenance tips to keep your parking lot looking great is to simply clean. Especially if you have a lot that’s still in good condition, just keeping it clear of grime and debris will ensure it stays pristine for a long time. Taking the time to ensure trashcans are strategically placed throughout the lot will prevent stranded trash from appearing. Junk still happens, so take the time to pick up loose garbage and routinely wash oil and gas off the asphalt. Hiring a parking lot maintenance company, such as Precise Property, will ensure your parking lot is clean and usable.

Deal With Cracks and Damage Immediately

All parking lots eventually begin to wear down and crack apart. Potholes are unfortunately inevitable, as are cracks and breaks. While small spots of damage may seem like a small problem to you, your customers will notice and take note of ugly flaws. You don’t need to wait until your lot is full of rogue pavement chunks to initiate asphalt parking lot repair. Resealing a lot that’s in decent condition will ensure it lasts much longer. Be sure to fill any emerging holes quickly, so they have less chance to degrade further.

If your parking lot needs parking lot maintenance services, contact Precise Property. No other company will provide the quality and professionalism your parking lot requires.

Ways To Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Ways To Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal
Ways To Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Competing in any niche is difficult to say the least. The same is certainly true for brick-and-mortar businesses competing on the same streets and in the same towns. For those serious about drawing in customers, it’s imperative to find as many ways to improve your business’s curb appeal as possible. For instance, there’s updating the exterior, fixing areas customers interact with and remembering to strategically use decorations are effective methods used across the nation by many businesses. These are just a few.

Refreshing the Façade

The first thing any business can do to improve commercial curb appeal is to reimagine the exterior. Start by fixing any obvious issues such as normal wear and tear. Repaint doors, and definitely remember to replace any weathered handles. The door is the first part of your store a customer interacts with, so naturally, this part gets worn down faster than others. Make sure your front window display is orderly and attractive—not just a jumble of items you hope to sell. Lastly, make sure the lettering on the front is up to date and free of wear.

Touch up Traffic Areas

One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal for your business is to tackle the areas that inevitably get worn down. It really doesn’t matter how beautiful your store is on the outside if getting into it is an unpleasant experience. The places where customers physically interact before they shop are very important.

Imagine heading over to a grand opening only to end up in an accident because the parking lot lines were confusing or faded away. It wouldn’t seem so grand at all if the first spot customers hit was in disarray! Precise Property Management serves the local San Antonio area providing parking lot striping and maintenance services. Lots are one of the most important parts of customer service, so a clean and well-organized lot has massive curb appeal.

Decorating for the Season

Another amazing way to improve exterior curb appeal is to add decorations that are relevant to the season. Most shops will focus only on the brick and glass of their façade. Smart ones compete by targeting customers with the things they’re looking for. In the summer, colorful chalkboards and summer clothes racks make their way outside to grab the attention of people passing by while enjoying the weather.

Holiday decorations and similar external fun displays are also very effective for catching people’s attention and encouraging a visit. Besides looking good, little changes throughout the year tell customers that your business is actively encouraging interaction and staying current. Keep up with parking lot restriping and other exterior needs with Precise Property Maintenance.